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Bentley Turbo R
with Hooper conversion


Contents of this page
1. General information about this car
2. Photos to introduce the car; if available
3. Copies of documentation, such as specifications and details of the Hooper coachbuilding; if available
4. Photos from the internet, Facebook and other sources; if available




Colour exterior

Brewster green

Model year



Colour interior

Red leather

First owner

Mohamed Shourbaji, London, England



68EYS, G624WYK

Factory features


Hooper coachbuilt

Hooper coachbuilt smaller rear window

Further remarks

Only a warranty claim about a front headrest proves that the first owner was a customer of Hooper's. No documents of the conversion were found.
In the brochure of the Historics auction at Brooklands, 25th September 2010, was written: "Coachwork by the long established and highly respected firm of Hooper is the distinguishing feature of this well presented Turbo R, which cost 165,000 when new and was first owned by Michael Levene, founder/owner of Centre Parks." No further details about the Hooper specification were mentioned. This first owner was not confirmed by the warranty acknowledgment.

3. Copies of documentation

Documents of the donor car

Hooper document

The Historics auction information 2010:

4. Photos from the internet, Facebook and other sources

Streetviews from Bentleyspotting, 2011:

Royle Ascot pictures, several websites, 2011:

Source unknown:


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