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Bentley Turbo R
with Hooper conversion


Contents of this page
1. General information about this car
2. Photos to introduce the car; if available
3. Copies of documentation, such as specifications and details of the Hooper coachbuilding; if available
4. Photos from the internet, Facebook and other sources; if available




Colour exterior

Acrylic white

Model year



Colour interior

Red leather

First owner

J.J. Languillat, Munich, Germany




Factory features


Hooper coachbuilt

Refrigerator between rear seats
Console built to house owner's own hi-fi equipment
Electrically operated and fully veneered writing tables
Cocktail bar fitted to the rear of both seats, two decanters and one ice container to the right hand side bar and four hand cut crystalglasses to the left hand side bar
Gold plating of all the items within the car, which are as follows:
- Dutchess straps to the rear
- Internal lights to headlining
- Door handles and back plates
- Window lift surrounds and back plates
- Ashtrays to the rear doors
- Cigar lighter to rear doors
- Coat hook back plates
- Front passenger grab handle ends
- Central door locking knob ends
- Mirror map light switch
- Air conditioning push pull knobs
- Air conditioning control switch
- Upper temperature control surround
- Lower temperature surround
- Auto facia surround
- Air conditioning bull eyes
- Cigar lighter
- Front ash tray
- Mirror controls
- Lock to cubby box between seats
- Lock to glove box lid
- Glove box lid catch and pull
- Headlight selection switch
- Ignition switch key hole
- Hazard warning switch surround
- Refuel surround
- Fog lamp surround
- Oil level surround
- Wiper switch control
- Gear selector stalk
- Indicator selector stalk
- Four trim screws to the front lower A post area
- Four kick plates and screws
- Sun visor brackets and ends
- Four screws to rear seat clam shells
Two individually electrically operated rear seats modified to clear refrigerator unit
Twin exhaust pipe ends to match right hand side of car

Further remarks

At first the cocktail bars were specified to be fitted to the rear doors, before completion it was changed to fitting in the rear of the front seats.

3. Copies of documentation

Documents of the donor car

Hooper documents


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