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Rolls-Royce Silver Spur
with Hooper conversion


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2. Photos to introduce the car; if available
3. Copies of documentation, such as specifications and details of the Hooper coachbuilding; if available
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Colour exterior

Masons Black with Black Everflex

Model year



Colour interior

Vantagefield Luxor Sahara Sand

First owner

Nickoll Beauty Products Ltd., Thetford, England



C847BJD, C894PHY

Factory features


Hooper coachbuilt

Centre console with side drawer
Stainless steel wheel arches and sills
Special steering wheel
Gold plated mascot

Further remarks

Upholstery consists of Vantagefield Luxor Sahara Sand. "Vantagefield" was a coachbuilder, specializing in Range-Rover, but also occasionally a Rolls-Royce or Bentley. They had their own leather which they sold to other companies as well. They were said to be the second supplier of leather to Rolls-Royce.

3. Copies of documentation

Documents of the donor car

Hooper documents


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