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Rolls-Royce Silver Spur
with Hooper conversion


Contents of this page
1. General information about this car
2. Photos to introduce the car; if available
3. Copies of documentation, such as specifications and details of the Hooper coachbuilding; if available
4. Photos from the internet, Facebook and other sources; if available




Colour exterior

Winsor blue, dark blue Everflex

Model year



Colour interior

Parchment leather

First owner

Laurence Graff of Graff Diamonds Ltd., London, England



LG30, B12DUG, FIL6852, JIL3583, D81UJO

Factory features

Leather covered steering wheel, coloured to match blue top roll

Hooper coachbuilt

Polished stainless steel wheel arch surrounds and sills (thin style)
Veneered door inlays on all four doors
Hooper center console
Motorola car telephone fitted within front passenger arm rest, and a Motorola car telephone fitted within rear arm rest

Further remarks


3. Copies of documentation

Documents of the donor car

Hooper documents. These documents show the maintenance that Hooper took care of in the nineties.

4. Photos from the internet, Facebook and other sources


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