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Rolls-Royce Camargue
with Hooper conversion


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2. Photos to introduce the car; if available
3. Copies of documentation, such as specifications and details of the Hooper coachbuilding; if available
4. Photos from the internet, Facebook and other sources; if available




Colour exterior

Seychelles blue

Model year



Colour interior

Magnolia piped Nuella dark blue

First owner

From 1984
Owner 1986

Tom Ikimi of Tomikimi Design Company, Lagos, Nigeria
Tom Ikimi, London, England
Mr Webster, Ephrata, Washington, USA



UBY755X, 55RR

Factory features


Hooper coachbuilt

Centre console as Geneva show pattern
Radio cassette with graphic equaliser
Mirrors, wheel discs, trims and all black parts resprayed in blue with fine lines
Front spoiler with fog lights
Rear headrests trimmed in hide
Top roll air vent grilles
Badge to boot
Gold plate boot lock badge and mascot
Stainless steel sills and thin type wheel arches

Further remarks


3. Copies of documentation

Documents of the donor car

Hooper documents


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