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Bentley Turbo R Sport
1996 and 1997

Number manufactured


First and last chassis number

First chassis number: SCBZR15C9TCX57829 (1996).
Last chassis number: SCBZP15C8VCX59676 (1997).

Dimensions, kerb weight, performance

The same specifications as the model year 1996 Bentley Turbo R (6750 cc V8, 385 bhp at 4000 rpm, 750 Nm at 3450 rpm).

Characteristics and peculiarities

Backgrounds of this model
- The Bentley Turbo R Sport is a special edition of the model year 1996 Bentley Turbo R. 20 Cars are manufactured that were delivered exclusively on the European market. Characteristic for this edition are the carbon fibre on the dashboard and the satellite navigation. The engine is the 6750 cc V8 of the Bentley Turbo R that delivers 385 bhp and 750 Nm.
- 12 cars are exported with wood trim and 8 cars with carbon fibre.

General characteristics
Technology package incorporating:
- Blaupunkt Berlin RCM-303A Tuner/Cassette head unit,
- CDCF03 10 disc multiplay CD mounted in the boot,
- 4x70 Watt digital amplifier with fibre-optical data transfer (zero distortion),
- global positioned satellite navigation system,
- integral in-dash monitor for navigation and hi-fi display,
- 10-speaker system incorporating KEF speakers tuned for optimum frequency response,
- fully integrated GSM telephone with number display and memories shown on in-dash monitor.
- 2nd display for the Blaupunkt sound system with carbon trim.
- Display in the front and display in the rear, separately to operate. TV, Video and DVD to view at on every display.
- Remote control for DVD / Video / TV / CD, optional in carbon trim.
- (The original place of the navigation display is left of the steering wheel; the location on the pictures is a special order).

- Choice of dark veneer or carbon fibre (carbon-check Kevlar) dashboard and waistrail.
- Special extra rear seats cover (made by Bentley).
- 2nd set of carpets (luxury edition).
- Bentley Tool Box.
- 18KT golden master key / parts of the key in solid gold (designer made).
- MOD approved alarm system.
- New MPW road wheels.
- Seat style unique to this model, incorporating two-tone or perforated hide trim.
- Triband aerial fitted.
- Chrome control buttons.
- Make-up mirrors in the sunvisors with carbon trim and illumination in the rear (left and right).
- Alloy wheels 17 inch with 255/55 tyres.

Production and chassis numbers

The 4-door saloons from model year 1996 have a chassis number between 57001 and 58293 (and the numbers 58501 to 58504). The chassis numbers of the Bentley Turbo R Sport are part of the chassis numbers of the Bentley Turbo R from the model years 1996 and 1997.
At the end the 20 examples were built with the following specifications:
13 built for use in Germany
3 built for use in Japan
2 built for use in Monaco (1 Long wheelbase)
1 built for use in Belgium (Long wheelbase)
1 built for use in the Netherlands (Long wheelbase)

Details of the car at the right side of this page (pictures below):

Model year 1996 Bentley Turbo R Sport, press photos (above).

A Belgian car with some unique options, like two tone upholstery (below).


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