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Rolls-Royce Phantom Limited Edition

Characteristics and peculiarities

Backgrounds of this model
- Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has produced a special motor car to mark the 80th anniversary of the Phantom name.
- The original Phantom was launched in the summer of 1925 and soon became an iconic motor car and a great sales success. It was followed by the Phantom II in 1929 and the Phantom III in 1936. The name returned to the line up after the war in 1950 with the Phantom IV, followed by the Phantoms V and VI , the latter being produced until the early 1990s. Then in 2003 the Phantom name was chosen for the all-new motor car, built at a new manufacturing plant in Goodwood under the ownership of BMW Group.

General characteristics
- A black or black and silver exterior that echoes the colour schemes of the early 1920 models.
- A silver hand-painted coach line along the full length of the bodywork.
- 21-inch aluminium wheels.
- A B-pillar chassis plate.
- Bespoke interior with black and seashell leather in a natural finish. Contrast leather piping.
- A wine cooler below the rear seat.
- A DVD system.
- A leather-writing surface on the front of the picnic tables. The reverse, visible side, features cross-banded burr walnut.
- A Conway Stewart pen set fitted inside the glove box. It comprises a classic Duro style fountain pen, ballpoint and propelling pencil. The pens are housed in a hand crafted case made at Goodwood and featuring Rolls-Royce leather.

Production and chassis numbers

Just 25 Limited Edition Phantoms were made available worldwide.

The Conway Stewart pen set.

The 2005 Rolls-Royce Phantom Limited Edition.


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