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Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead coupé
2007 - 2012

Dimensions, kerb weight, performance


561 cm
199 cm
158 cm

Wheel base

332 cm

Turning circle

13,1 m


315 litre

Kerb weight

2620 kg

Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h

5,9 seconds

Top speed

149 mph, 240 km/h

Characteristics and peculiarities

Backgrounds of this model
In 2004, Rolls-Royce unveiled 100EX, an experimental drophead built to celebrate 100 years of the brand Rolls-Royce. In the autumn of 2005, Rolls-Royce announced that a production version would be available by 2007. The Phantom Drophead Coupé was launched at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2007.

Original characteristics
- The engine is the naturally aspirated 60 degree 6749 cc V12 of the Phantom. It is connected to a 'shift-by-wire' six-speed automatic transmission from ZF. It has a maximum torque of 720 Nm (531 lb ft) at 3,500 tpm and a maximum power of 453 bhp (338 kW, 453 hp SAE) at 5,350 tpm.
- The Phantom Drophead coupé has a brushed steel bonnet and A-pillar. The brushed steel is machine finished to create a uniform grain and then hand-polished.
- It has a teak decking for the rear hood cover.
- The Phantom Drophead coupé has front opening coach doors. The doors can be closed by pressing a button housed inside the front quarterlight.
- Luggage is housed within a picnic boot, a split tail compartment that opens in two parts. The lower tailgate provides a seating platform for two adults when lowered. The luggage compartment remains unaffected regardless of whether the roof is up or down.
- The fabric hood has five layers of material. It ensures that the cabin remains a serene space, even at speed. Lined with cashmere it has been tailored to stow in a relatively small space.
- The Drophead coupé has a new grille. Finished in steel, the centre fins are polished while the surround is brushed to match the optional brushed steel bonnet and A-pillar. The grille is hinged at the top in order to give way in the event of a low-speed impact.
- The Spirit of Ecstasy is remodelled. Finished in stainless steel, the Spirit of Ecstasy is also available in silver or gold via the Bespoke programme.
- In the front end slim front LED side lights sit above larger round driving lamps. The front bumper is integrated into the design. A camera is nestled underneath the numberplate to provide an excellent split-screen view of the road ahead, via the on-board monitor, to help when parking or when pulling out of a side road.
- An entirely new palette of nine exterior colours has been developed: Metropolitan Blue, Admiral Blue, Jubilee Silver, Diamond Black, Duck Egg Blue, Semaphore Yellow, English White, Woodland Green and Ensign Red. The hood colours are: Silver, Black, Beige, Navy Blue, Deep Red and Deep Green.
- The seats have no ridges in them, giving a smooth surface so that moisture can be wiped straight off. The front seats are slimmer than the Phantom’s. Integrated seatbelts are mounted directly onto them, while active head restraints and seat squab airbags give further protection to the torso and head.
- A sound system has been specially designed for the Phantom Drophead Coupé with nine channels of sound that arrive via 15 speakers.
- The entire windscreen surround with the triangulated A-pillars was designed to be an integral part of the roll-over protection system. Incorporated into the rear spaceframe structure is the concealed roll-over protection system which deploys from within the rear head restraints in just a fraction of a second in the event of an accident.
- A PAX run-flat tyre system. The run-flat capability is at least 100 miles at 50 mph (80 km/h) when the car is fully loaded. A spare wheel is not carried. Tyres: Michelin PAX 265 x 790 R540 A 111W (metrically sized: 540 mm is about 21 inch). Optional 21-inch wheels with Goodyear run-flat EMT tyres are also available, sitting on nine-spoke rims. Tyre front: Goodyear EMT 255/50 R21 106W, wheel size front 8 in x 21 in; tyre rear: Goodyear EMT 285/45 R21 109W, wheel size rear 9.5 in x 21 in.
- A retractable Spirit of Ecstasy that can be lowered out of sight at the touch of a button.
- Synchronised wheel centres that keep the interlinked RR badges on all four wheels in an upright position at all times.
- A column-mounted electronically-controlled gear selection lever.
- Controls for the telephone, audio and navigation systems on the steering wheel. The wheel also has a button to access a Low mode setting for the gearbox.
- A unique power reserve gauge on the dashboard which communicates the 'adequacy' of available power.
- A panel housing the analogue clock can swivel to reveal a monitor for vehicle settings, satellite navigation, on-board television and telephone system. These functions can be accessed by a controller, discreetly stowed in the centre console when not required.

Production and chassis numbers

- The Phantom Drophead Coupé was unveiled in January 2007, but all 2007 cars have a model year 2008 VIN.
- The Phantom has a series of numbers of its own. The derivatives like the Drophead Coupé have separate series of numbers.

Details of the Phantom Drophead coupé, model year 2007.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead coupé, model year 2007, press photos.


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